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ADN CANINO, a pioneering company in dog identification systems for their registration in the municipalities.

Genetic identification, tool of the future.

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At the service of municipalities, we always seek to improve coexistence.

Our project: a gesture with great care.

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Implement our project for a sustainable result.

We make things simple, with an efficient outcome.

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Painless method

ADN Canino has developed an efficient, simple and fast extraction method.

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iGecan Tool

We manage and supervise the entire process.

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Advantages of the DNA census

Improvement of the coexistence and the image of your city.

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Advantages of bactericides

Simplifies the sample taking methods

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Pioneers in canine censuses

Municipalities where the project has been implemented.

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Laboratories with wide experience.

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ADN Canino Method

ADN Canino uses technology with normalized markers.

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Other products

Re-issue a dog tag. Design of information and awareness campaigns.

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Our company

ADNCanino is a company based on veterinary molecular biology, and is at the forefront of genetic management. We create canine censuses through their DNA but we also work with disease detection systems, with the aim of improving the lives and coexistence of our pets and citizens in the municipalities where we work.

We have developed a system that allows us to easily and reliably obtain optimal results by creating a canine census through DNA extraction.

The solution is affordable and simple. We do this by collecting biological samples using the latest techniques. The extraction method is effective, simple and fast.

We manage and supervise the entire process.

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Proyecto financiado por IVACE – Instituto Valenciano
de Competitividad Empresarial


El proyecto ha consistido en la creación un nuevo ERP y software, más avanzado y adaptado a nuestras necesidades que automatice y digitalice todos los procesos de nuestra actividad pionera: Igecan 2.0. Se nos ha concedido un importe de 13.680,00€ € y que se tramita con número de expte. IMDIGA/2022/484.