ADN Canino Method

ADN Canino uses technology with normalized markers.

ADNcanino uses STRs micro-satellite technology, the only technology with standardized markers recommended by the ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) for the identification of the canine species.

22 Markers List:

  • AHT121, AHTh130, AHT137, AHTh171, AHTk211, AHTk253, AHTh260
  • AMEL
  • CXX279
  • FH2054, FH2848
  • INRA21
  • INU005, INU030, INU055
  • REN54P11, REN64E19, REN105LO3, REN162C04, REN169D01, REN169O18, REN247M23
Genotyped Card ADN Canino