Advantages of the DNA census

Improvement of the coexistence and the image of your city.


Currently the genetic census of dogs by DNA is the ideal complement to the microchip system, together they make a 100% reliable identification system.

One of the advantages of the microchip is, that it allows a fast identification, but it can be extracted or manipulated. DNA, on the other hand, allows the animal to be identified in cases where the microchip is not enough, since DNA is unique for each animal being found in its cells.

Improves animal identification

The genetic footprint of each of our pets is unique and non-transferable , which makes the identification unequivocal.

Cleaner streets

By having a DNA-register of the pets of a locality, it is possible to compare them with the abandoned feces found on public roads, and therefore identify the owner.

Animal abandonment control

In many cases, before abandoning pets, the owners rip out the microchip to prevent them from being located. With the DNA, even if the microchip has been removed, it is possible to identify the previous owner.

Abandoned puppy litters

In case of a puppy litter abandonment on the street, close relatives of those puppies can be found through filiation, allowing law enforcement to initiate investigations to locate the previous owner.