How to implement this project in your municipality

1. Modify the current local laws in terms of animal protection.

In order to develop this project in a municipality, some actions must be followed to implement the municipal canine census.

2. Creation of the genetic database by veterinarians and the laboratory.

Once the local law has been approved, all dog owners in the locality will be obliged to identify their dog with a genetic sample. They will have to go to the veterinarian where a saliva sample will be taken and al lof the information will be registred in the IGECAN software.

The approximate duration of this phase depends on the number of dogs.

3. Training.

  • Communication campaign.
  • Meetings with the veterinary clinics of the municipality.
  • Training: How to use our software and quality systems, especially in custody processes.
  • Training of city council staff and police.
  • Veterinarian training: How to take the sample.

4. DNA Extraction from the samples and identification of the person responsible for the infraction.

In this second phase, the excrements that the uncivic abandon on public roads, will be collected by staff authorized by the city council and sent to the laboratory to determine to which canine it belongs, which allows proceeding against its owner according to the local laws.