Our project

ADN CANINO is the first company to develop a project which includes two fundamental values for the coexistence of citizens and our pets.

Improvement of identification, for animal protection:

We are aware of the current problems such as, animal abuse and abandonment, so we work against these criminal acts, so they do not go unpunished.

Obtaining a genetic census of the area we can ensure that just by removing the microchip from the animal, the offender is not left unidentified.

The genetic fingerprint of each of our pets, together with the microchip, means that many of the uncivil or even criminal acts can be identified.

Our goal is to improve animal welfare through responsible ownership by animal owners.

Improve coexistence, the perception of the town and the hygienic-sanitary and environmental conditions of the municipality:

Dogs have always been closely linked to the human's social relationships. In recent years we have seen how the dog population has grown significantly, which is why it is necessary to comply with a series of civic behaviors.

The need to find our streets clean has led us to develop an infallible system against the incivility of those people who leave dog excrement on public roads. This inconvenience becomes a problem in terms of public health due to the transmission of diseases that it can entail.

Current legislation requires the dog's owner to pick up their stool, but with current methods it is very difficult to identify who is responsible. Now we offer a 100% reliable tool, an identification through DNA registration.